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The ARC Research Hub for Carbon Utilisation and Recycling aims to create pathways for CO2 recycling and develop the markets for carbon embedded products. 


To be a leading hub for academic researchers and industries working together to transform carbon dioxide emissions into useful products and develop the markets for the carbon embedded products.



To develop technologies to transform carbon dioxide emissions from our energy and manufacturing sectors into valuable products and create pathways to market to drive industry transformation.


  • Develop improved, low cost, scalable and green methods for electrochemical, thermochemical and biological conversion of CO2 to intermediate and high value products

  • Develop innovative, low cost, direct air capture technology for CO2 recycling

  • Develop energy-efficient, integrated conversion processes and equipment for adoption by industry within the energy and chemical manufacturing sectors

  • Demonstrate pilot scale applications of CO2 to products and CO2 recycling at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5-6 so that industry can scale up and assess these processes for their applications

  • Identify methods and frameworks for embedded emissions accounting that can unlock growing markets for abated carbon products and services

  • Train a highly skilled workforce with deep knowledge in carbon-to-products technology and commercialisation pathways

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